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We minimize risk with our quality inspections by certified programs ensuring reliable authenticity of every component.

Counterfeit Mitigation

Trusted Partners

Right Certifications

Over the years in the electronic industry, we have built reliable network of trusted suppliers through careful selection and continuous rating. We are confident in our supply chain processes; so you can be confident in your quality fulfillment of manufacturing needs.

ISO 9001 certification for our industry demonstrates how serious we are about quality management assurance. Obtaining the right certifications will ensure you we will meet statutory and regulatory requirements. We guarantee our customers the quality of products, as well as efficient systems and workflows of services.

Expert Testing

The parts  go through rigorous test procedures using qualified laboratories to keep your production lines feed with defect free components:

- Inspection

- X-Ray Testing

- Acetone Verification

- Component Baking

- Tape & Reeling

- Decapsulation

Guaranteed Quality

We provide inspecting solutions to ensure defect-free and original products to our customers. The parts go through quality control procedures with the latest methods of counterfeit detection, mitigating any risk for you. Our ability to quickly provide critical solutions will redeem the impact of unexpected product failures to our customer’s supply chain.

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